Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Croatian Wines Making Waves

A butterfly flaps it's wings in the Amazon and creates a tsunami in India. Ten monkeys with typewriters tap out a Shakespearean sonnet. A tweet about Croatian wine turns into a tasting. All of a sudden it seems the mysterious ways of the universe have converged to propel Croatian wine into the mainstream. Croatian wine is starting to make some waves.

Some of the biggest buzz I saw on twitter during the recent Wine Bloggers Conference in Virginia were the tweets from the night of the now infamous Room 606 Croatian Wine Tasting held by Cliff Rames.

All this synchronicity makes me think there is definitely something in the air. I had Croatia on my mind for quite a while and then, just like that, all the pieces fell into place and now I’ll be hosting a wine blogger tasting of Croatian wines on August 28 with Frank Dietrich of Blue Danube Wine.

Of course all the folks who have been championing the cause and tirelessly promoting Croatia and it’s wines knew it was only a matter of time before the rest of us caught on. But now things seem to be heating up and for the first time in a national wine publication Croatia takes the stage on the cover of Wine Enthusiast as reported here on the Wines of Croatia site.

In preparation for the tasting event and to get those attending up to speed, here is a short list of resources for more information on Croatian wine, food and culture:

Wine Enthusiast Online
Blue Danube Wine Shop  - See additional links under resources
Wines of Croatia - Cliff Rames blog
Wine library TV Episode #798 - Featuring Cliff Rames
Daily Grape Episode #86 Plavic Mali form Croatia
Croatian Tourist Board - Complete resource for all aspects of Croatia
Taste of Croatia - Comprehensive site of all things culinary & more
Pacta Connect  - UK importer with links and resources


  1. We've actually been championing the wines for the last four years with our Dalmatia http://www.vinologue.net/guides/dalmatia/ as well as Herzegovina http://www.vinologue.net/guides/herzegovina/ guides and have pushed a great deal on Frank to carry more of them.

  2. @Miquel Hudin-- Hi Miquel. Thanks for the link. I'll add it to my list.

  3. Hi Marcy, thanks for your enthusiasm about Croatian wines. My company Vinum USA imports a number of Croatian wines including two of the wines on the picture in your prevous post, Enjingi grasevina and Zlatan Hvar. Frank distribures our wines in CA and I hope he can bring more of our wines you havent tried to your upcoming tasting. I recommend you try our Babic wines (the only 100% Babic grape wines imported in the US)and Lirica Plavac Mali. For more info on the wines we import please visit www.vinumusa.com, www.facebook.com/vinumusa or contact me anytime.
    All the best!
    Ilya Shchukin

  4. @Ilya -- Hi Ilya, thanks so much for stopping by here and leaving your comment. I'm really looking forward to the tasting and what Frank will be pouring.
    I'll add your links above. Cheers!

  5. Thanks for the links Marcy! Watching the Wine Library episode has me super psyched for the Croatian tasting.



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