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Wines of the Month: Winter Whites - Riesling and Gewurztraminer


This month we offer reviews of two cool climate varietals—Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Winter is a great time to try these aromatic white wines and add a bit of tropical sparkle to your day with the crisp fresh flavors of these delicious food friendly wines. Check out the Winter Whites below that you may find along the Wine Road.


CAST Riesling 2022 Sonoma Coast

The CAST 2022 Riesling from Sonoma Coast has a light white floral nose of honeysuckle and jasmine. On the palate it leads with bright citrus notes of Meyer lemon and pink grapefruit. Secondary notes of apricot and ginger meld with a zesty hit of orange peel that boosts the acidity. The finish is long with soft notes of chalk, beeswax and limestone. Bright and focused it’s the first Riesling vintage from CAST and one to be savored. Enjoy with spicy Shrimp Pad Thai.

ABV 11.8%


Dutcher Crossing 2021 Riesling Wine Makers Circle Russian River Valley

As I tasted the Dutcher Crossing 2021 Riesling from Russian River Valley, I was struck by its magical qualities. Well, not really magical, more like irresistible. So charming and enchanting a Riesling, I fell under its spell. On the nose, aromas of honeysuckle, beeswax and jasmine, with a slight hint of petrol, a characteristic note in Riesling. On the palate, flavors both tart and sweet—a crisp tropical explosion of juicy pineapple, guava, mango, green apple and candied ginger. The long finish is tart with a wonderful creamy coconut note. Pair this magical elixir with slow-roasted pork smothered in a spicy chili crisp-apricot-pomegranate glaze.

ABV 12.5%


Furthermore Wines 2021 Riesling Sonoma Coast

The Furthermore Wines 2021 Riesling has all the earmarks of a classic. On the nose it’s aromatic and refined with scents both floral and honeyed including notes of beeswax, jasmine, orange blossom, and a touch of wet slate and petrol. On the palate it’s zesty and zippy with lime and juicy grapefruit at the forefront along with notes of pineapple, ginger and beeswax. Tart acidity and minerality on the finish makes it great for pairing with a spicy dish such as Thai red curry.

ABV 12.6%


Williamson Wines 2021 Frisky Riesling, Lake County

The Williamson Wines 2021 Riesling from Lake County has the moniker “Frisky” for a reason. It’s quite the character exuding a bright juicy personality brimming over with flavor and brilliant acidity. On the nose, fresh citrusy aromatics with initial notes of honeysuckle, pineapple, lilac and ginger. It’s steely and precise with tart and juicy flavors of ripe peach, crisp green apple, pear, lemongrass and a grounding mineral note of limestone. A splendid balance of texture and flavor this is a Riesling that needs no pairing to enjoy, but will certainly shine with Spicy Crab sushi rolls.

ABV 13.5%


Harvest Moon 2021 Sparkling Gewurztraminer, Russian River Valley

The Harvest Moon 2021 Sparkling Gewurztraminer from Russian River Valley is a focused confluence of flavor and body. First of all how often do you find a Sparkling Gewurztraminer? Not that often and when it’s made like this one, best grab a bottle or two. On the nose warm scents of brioche, marzipan, rose petals and spicy ginger. On the palate, it walks a tightrope between creamy and steely body weight with delicious flavors of lychee, grapefruit, quince and orange peel. You’ll find a fine bubble stream and great balance in this lean but luscious sparkler. I had one glass, and before I could have another my husband had finished the bottle. Pair with someone who knows how to share!

ABV 12.5%


Russian River Vineyards 2022 Gewurztraminer Sonoma Valley

The Russian River Vineyards 2022 Gewurztraminer from Sonoma Valley smells like a tropical rain with soft aromatics of peach, lychee, spicy carnation, Turkish delight (rose water) and honeysuckle. On the palate it exhibits great texture with bracing acidity and lush flavors of ripe peach, grapefruit, ginger, lychee and coconut. On the finish, a lingering note of juniper and lime with a hint of bergamot. It’s juicy yet steely; a fine balance of sweet and tart. Pair with spring rolls and Hoisin dipping sauce.

ABV 14%


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