Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Country of Good Vines: Countdown to Wines of Croatia

The Wines of Croatia Tasting I'm hosting is less than two weeks away and I've been hearing from people near and far who want to attend. I'm not kidding about that. The interest in Croatian wine is seriously intense! It seems everyone wants to know more about them.

As I mentioned before, I made a quick visit to the Istrian peninsula of Croatia a few years ago around this time of year in August. But I did not get to stay too long. You must have reservations in Croatia when holiday season is in full swing! 

Next time I visit Croatia I will plan ahead and allow plenty of time to explore the vine lands in depth. Until then, here is a brief slide show of what I saw in Umag.  NOTE: For a larger view or if the video does not appear below on your screen you can view it here in the Annex.


  1. Hi!

    I just wanted to say that Croatian vines are great and have very good taste.
    I am from Croatia, Pula a small town in Histria .

    I'm really glad that someone recognized a good vines.

  2. @Anja-- Thanks for stopping by my blog. The interest in Croatia here is really growing. Croatia has so much to discover in terms of wine, food and natural beauty. I really want to visit again soon and explore evertyhing it has to offer.

  3. Believe me it has much more then vines...like Parsut ( Croatian ham) , cheese ( like home-made),Tartufi -I don't know how to explain that but we put that on the pasta ,it doesn't have translation


  4. "Tartufi" are truffles, and they can be dug out in Istria. But being from the Northwestern Croatia, I feel like I have to be a local patriot and invite you to explore our wine region as well - Continental Croatia. I hope you'll like it!



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