Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DripTeez -- The Morning After, A Cautionary Tale

A while back I wrote about my marathon wine tasting session with Bliss Imports and the cool little drip stoppers Alleah used on the bottles. Shortly afterwards I received a gift of two DripTeez in the mail from Alleah’s mom. One black and maroon and one with a tiny charm depicting a bottle with two glasses (which at first glance looked like a fireplug).

I like this product very much because A) they actually work and B) they are very low profile and unobtrusive which brings me to  C) -- The Cautionary Tale....

The morning after we first used the DripTeez I went into the kitchen and was making some toast when I noticed the bottles from the prior evening were gone.

“Hey, what did you do with those bottles from last night?" I asked my husband.

“I put them out in the recycle bin, it’s pick up day.”

“What?!? No! Those bottles had my DripTeez on them!”

“Your what?"

“The DripTeez! You know, those little ankle weight looking kinda of things that keep the bottle from dripping-- they sorta make the bottle look like Jane Fonda in leg warmers.”

“They look like Jane Fonda?!?”

“No, they look like little ankle wraps at the neck of the bottle...oh, never mind...did you take them off before you threw the bottles out?”

“I didn’t notice anything. I just tossed them."

Like I said, the DripTeez can be low profile and unobtrusive, perhaps too low profile.

Just at that moment I heard the rumble of the recycling truck rounding the corner on our street.

I ran out the door and I raced over to the recycle bin, flipped open the lid and began to dig through the bottles in search of my DripTeez. The tension of the moment heightened by the big green truck barreling up the street.

Frantically I pawed through the deep bin, I was practically inside it. I found the first bottle and plucked it out and then found the other, just seconds before the truck arrived. The truck’s big robotic arm reached out and grabbed the bin, shook it violently and then dropped it just a few inches from my feet.

I stood there clutching both bottles to my chest in relief and looked up to see my neighbor staring at me. I was a pathetic sight standing there barefoot in my Sock Monkey pajamas holding two empty wine bottles and appearing as if I’d been on an all night bender.

“Um, are you okay?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine...just doing some recycln’...doing my part...” I tried to sound nonchalant.

Then I slunk back into the house, my dignity slightly tarnished, but comforted by the fact my DripTeez had escaped the mighty green recycle truck and all was right with the world again.


Not a fireplug...

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