Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Taste of Croatia in Umbria-- Preview of the Next IWINETC Location

One of the highlights of the 2012 International Wine Tourism Conference was the Wines of Croatia tasting held to introduce attendees to next year's conference location in Zagreb. Of course this event was one I'd been looking forward to ever since the announcement was made in the conference program. I've become a huge fan of Croatian wines in the last year, and I was excited to hear what others at the conference thought about the wines as they tried them for the first time.

Over 15 wines from the regions of Danbue, Slavonia, Istria and Dalmatia were poured.

There were many raves for the whites including the Kozlović Malvazia from Istria and the Iločki Podrumi Graševina Vrhunska.  The clear favorite among the reds was the "Donkey" Dingač Placvac Mali from Vinarija Dingač. People were quite intrigued by the Dingač and it's distinct briny notes. Also the Festigia Merlot was favored for it's balance and rich flavor.

I particularly enjoyed the Gracin Babić, the Korlat Syrah, and the Matošević Malvasija Alba. I was surprised there was no Teran to taste, but that will just give everyone something to look forward to when they arrive in Croatia next year.

Next year's conference will be held March 15-17th. March !?! I guess that means my annual Wine Pleasures birthday celebration has ended. But you kids born in March...get it together and apply for the blogger trip.

See you in Croatia. Zivili! (Oh and if you can't wait a year, you may want to visit this week --April 13-15 2012 --at the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend--details here)

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  1. Sorry about the annual Wine Pleasures birthday bash but we need to guarantee as far as possible a #fsd as usual as opposed to #fsd we had in Italy. :)

  2. Yeah, well that was a suprise! The Ice Wine tour of Italy. But still a great #FSD trip despite the weather.

  3. I was really in Italy for the Italian wines so didnt really indulge in this tasting - you have highlighted plenty to keep an eye out for next year though!



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