Friday, March 2, 2012

What's Your Rhône Name?

Like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano or the annual mating of the wildebeests in Africa, certain events indicate a particular time of year. In the wine world, especially in the Rhône world, it’s a sure sign that Spring is near when you hear the thundering herd of Rhône Rangers ride into town for the Annual Rhône Rangers event held at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

The 15th Annual Rhône Rangers will be held March 24-25, 2012. I went to the event last year and can tell you first hand it’s something you don’t want to miss. The wines are fantastic and the winemakers are real mavericks. Rhône’s and the people who make Rhône wines tend to follow the beat of a slightly different drummer. My kind of peeps!

Three seminars and a winemaker dinner will be held on Saturday and The Grand Tasting on Sunday. This year one of the seminars involves bacon! And the Grand tasting will have over 500 wines! I know you want to go to that—and you could for free— This is what you have to do:

Tell me what your Rhône Name is. Don’t know what it is? Here’s how to find out-- It's kind of like that game where you invent your porn star name, um, I mean stage name, by combining the name of a childhood pet and the name of the street you lived on as a kid. So for example my stage name would be Fluffy Lakeview.

But to find your Rhône Name do the following:
(Name of Favorite Childhood Pet)  + (Favorite Rhône Variety) = Rhône Name

So for example my Rhône Name could be-- Fluffy Viognier or Jake Carignane

And here are the never before revealed Rhône Ranger Names for the winemakers who will be pouring Grenache Blanc, Picpoul Blanc, Carignane, Cinsault, Counoise and Mondeuse Noir in the Rare Wines seminar Saturday, March 24, 2012.

Tablas Creek – 2010 Picpoul Blanc – Jason Haas  (Binky Picpoul)
Two Shepherds – 2010 Grenache Blanc – William Allen  (Flash Grenache)
Holly’s Hill – 2010 Counoise – Josh Bendick  (Spanky Counoise)
Lagier Meredith – 2009 Mondeuse Noire – Carole Meredith  (Muffin Mondeuse Noire)
Ridge – 2009 Carignane – David Gates   (Astro Carignane)
Clos Saron – 2010 Cinsault — Gideon Beinstock  (Buster Cinsault)

So what’s your Rhône Name?

Leave it in the comments section below and then tweet your Rhone name to me at @marcygordon and @RhoneRangers and tag it with #RRSF. You could win a pair of tickets to the Grand Tasting in San Francisco on March 25th. Enter Now! Contest closes March 7th.

Here is a list of Rhône grapes to get you started.

Details and ticket information available here:

Ticket sales:
Twitter: @RhoneRangers Hashtag #RRSF


  1. Mimi Marsanne!
    Submitted on behalf of the chief glass buffer of the Rhone Rangers.

  2. Thanks for such a fun, great post Marcy!
    As a member of the Rhone Rangers, its much appreciated!

    I'd also want to let attendees know this is the first time the Rhone Rangers will sell wine at the event. You can buy and take delivery of wine at over 60 of the 100 wineries pouring, and take it home with you. We will also have 2 checkpoints so you can drop off your purchases and get them later.

    A whole weekend of Rhone wines - can't wait!

    Cheers - William aka "Flash Grenache' (Blanc) !

  3. All of these names are so awesome-- all together the sound like the cast of a romantic comedy or especially a French bedroom farce. Ohh La la!

  4. Ok don't pick me because I would not be able to make it however, my Grenache Blanc does have a cool name...

    1. Cool name indeed. Thanks for stopping by Grace. Winner will be selected by random draw but I'll leave your name off the list.

  5. What an amazing collection of Pet lovers, Rhone lovers and good sports! Thanks to all of you for playing along in the Rhone Name Game--

    Natassia Mourvedre, Cleo Counoise, Max Mourvèdre, Clancy Vaccarese, Alf Grenache, Rocky Roussanne , Fang Grenache, Rikiki Syrah, Fifi Renee Clairette Bourboulec Vaccarèse , Mugsy Counoise, Banshee Grenache, RhoneArriigo PVB, Lippy Rousanne, Dixie Syrah, Ruby D'Arbanville Grenache Blanc, Peppi Grenache, Fluffy Muscardin -

    You are all winners in my book!



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