Monday, December 5, 2011

7 Links Project

I met Trisha Miller (@TravelWriting) , the publisher of the Travel Writers Exchange a few years ago at Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference. Recently she wrote to me and asked if I would like to participate in the TripBase 7 Links Project. Well not recently, actually it was MONTHS ago! But I've had a few projects to take care of before I could get to it. Sorry Trisha! Anyway, Trisha's 7 links post is here
So the project asks bloggers to choose 7 links from their blog that exmplify pre-set categories. After positng the links the blogger then nominates 5 more bloggers to carry-on. It's kind of like a chain letter but without the bad luck associated if you choose not to participate. It seemed like fun so here are my links in the designated catagories:

Most beautiful post:
Beautiful?...Hmm... most recently, maybe this....The Splendors of Split... beautiful for the food and the wine and the place all at once.

Most popular post:
The Five Types of Wine Bloggers -What Kind of Blogger Are You

Most controversial post:
Most controversial and painful .... Lambrusco in the Neti Pot

Most helpful post:
The Dangers of Pine Nuts

Post whose success was most surprising:
The Wines of Croatia: A Preview -- this post became my third most traffic driving post of all time!

Post that maybe didn’t get the attention it deserved:
Harvest Epiphany -- Considering how hard I worked to get this post, it should get more attention!

Post most proud of:
This is a tricky one... Not really "most proud" of it..but it fit's the theme of pride -- Pride of Palate

So I now nominate 5 more bloggers to carry on and take part in the 7 links chain --Here they are:

Lily Chou -- Messin Around
William Allen-- Simple Hedonisms
Thea Dwelle-- Luscious Lushes
Gwendolyn Alley-- Art Preadator
Frank Morgan--Drink What U Like 

Okay bloggers-- post your 7 links as I did above and then nominate 5 more bloggers to carry on.

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