Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Five Types of Wine Bloggers -What Kind of Wine Blogger Are You?

1. The Amateur Professional
Has an actual paying job in an industry other than wine but is a knowledgeable, studious and zealous blogger.

2. The Mad Libber
Reviews wine by using a rotating list of adjectives to describe the “nose” and “mouth feel”. Posts are identical with the exception of the photo. Writing style mimics a Mad Libs game.

3. The Know-it-All
Pompous and ingratiating, the know-it-all really does know it all; but it does not make them any less annoying.

4. The Wild Card
Crazy anarchist self-styled lunatic loves the “juice” for it’s higher power. Writes incomprehensible posts about harmonic convergence, interpretive dance and numerology that inspire the wine god within.

5. The Interloper
Cares little about wine blogging but pumps out enough posts to play the game and actively solicits wineries to send them samples.


  1. How about a combo-nation! I'm a 1.2.4...

    Or something.


  2. Very entertaining read, Marcy, as always. --Julia

  3. Great post & great images! A fun read, Marcy!

  4. Funny stuff, I like to think of myself as the Swirly, Sniffy, Slurpee kind of blogger! =D

  5. I am a "trying not to be boring" wine blogger. (well, really, happy hour blogger) Honestly, most wine blogs I read a drop dead boring.

  6. Love this post ... good stuff ... especially #5!


  7. I'm dancing my response for you to interpret.

  8. Very humorous post! All blogging is not created equal. Thanks for sharing.

  9. #1, but wishing for the part in #5 where the wineries send me free samples!

  10. I'm a mad libber with a tendency toward nostalgia in what the wine makes me think of.

  11. If I may propose an addition to this list, it is "former wine blogger" (which I believe is the category I currently belong in). "Former wine bloggers: we no longer post to our blogs, but our love for wine is still active on a daily basis."



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