Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Year in Books: What I Read in 2011

Image used by permission: Elle Moss Photography

Back in December I was included in a World Hum feature on travel books read in 2011, but the books I mentioned in the piece were just the tip of the page soaked iceberg I ran into this year. I read less in 2011, averaging 2 - 3 books a month down from my usual 4, but I was also reading numerous travel magazines like AFAR and lit journals such as All-Story, Lucky Peach, Creative NonFiction and Alimentum that I did not include here.

I'm toying with the idea of getting an E-reader just to make travel easier. But I love my paper books so much. I wish there was an option to buy a hard copy book and bundle the kindle or e-version in with it so you essentially get a book in all formats for one set price. I'd buy that. I know I'd love the convenience of an E-reader but I'd miss my towering stacks of books.

I am respectful of my books. I cherish them and read them gently. I try to keep them as pristine as possible. The one and only big fight I ever had with my husband was over the fact that he mauls books when he reads them. Cracks the spines, and soaks the pages with bath water or coffee. I know, I know, there are worse things, but man-handling a book is a crime on par with arson in my opinion.

Here is a view of what I read in 2011. Many books are missing. I've started to I give them away when I travel. Not included are the guide books, cookbooks and wine reference books I also read this year, but the stack was high enough already.

Highlights from the stacks:

Otherwise Known as the Human Condition by Geoff Dyer
This collection of essays and stories had a lot of material I was already familiar with, but some great new pieces too.

The Battle for Wine and Love by Alice Feiring
I finally got around to reading this and while there were some strange repetitions in the telling of her story it was an enjoyable romp all the same. 

Blue Nights by Joan Didion
Joan Didion on life, death and introspection. What more do you need to know?

Larry's Kidney by Daniel Asa Rose
So weird and beyond surreal you just have to check it out for yourself.

I probably should add a link to each and every tittle shown in the photos, but I figure you can enlarge the picture to read the spines and you know how to find the books on your own. Besides... I've got a stack of new books calling out for my attention!

Happy Reading in 2012!


  1. Come on Marcy. Get an eReader...get an eReader...get an eReader. I love my Nook.

  2. @Linda Edwards-- Hey Linda! I will not be peer pressured into buying an E-Reader! HA!

    I really needed an eReader back in the "Stacey's" days. I spent more money there on books than I made at our venerable workplace.



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