Monday, April 11, 2011

5 Easy Steps for a Great Birthday in Portugal

If you are lucky enough to be in Portugal for your birthday as I was, here is all you need to do for a perfect day:

Step 1. Wake up at Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora Do Carmo and party in the cellar!

Quinta Nova Cellar Party Posse

Step 2. Have lunch at Quinta do Panascal

Yes, there was food in between each of these wines too...

Step 3. Check in at Quinta do Pego

View of Douro from Quinta do Pego
Complimentary in room Port

Step 4. Party on into the night at Quinta do Pego: Drink great port, make celebratory toasts, and eat cake with new friends.

Birthday girl with Carlos Filipe Jesus of Quinta do Pego

Check out that cake!

What pairs with Birthday cake? -Everything!
Quinto do Pego Port tasting took place prior to the birthday party

"99 bottles of Port on the wall...99 bottles of Port...Take one down, pass it around..."

Step 5. Repeat step number four above at least 45 times.

Stayed tuned... last few posts in the Portugal Series coming up next.


  1. @Filipe What became of the Provam Sparkling wine?

  2. Just saw this... what a joy it was to celebrate your birthday with you! xx

    (I'm dropping in to collect any more URLs you might have to Porto stories - finally putting up the last of our posts, so I'll link back to yours again. a hug xx)

  3. Dear Anthony and Marcy, thanks for this article. It's fantastic. By the way, we still have the bottle here (Provam sparkling)... Shall we drink it on behalf of you? Best Regards

  4. Filipe- Yes please drink on our behalf or wait for us to come back!

    Lara-- It was great to celebrate with you & TC too. (let's do it again in Umbria!)



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