Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shane! Come Back Shane!

In my last post I wrote about some stops along the wine road during barrel tasting weekend. But we made one last stop. Stop 5: Shane Wines and Kosta Browne.
Neither Shane or Kosta Browne was on the official barrel tasting agenda but we were there along with @WhatDebPours and @SonomaWilliam for a pre-arranged tasting with Shane Finley Associate winemaker for Kosta Browne and Owner/Winemaker of Shane Wines.

First we tasted the 2010 Ma File Rosé. I love Shane’s Rosés and their light Provencal style. This vintage is a spicy delight. I bought a case. Next we tried the 2010 Judge Syrah Vineyard Bennett Valley, the 2010 Jemrose Syrah also Bennett Valley and the 2010 Charm Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley.

The Charm was Shane’s first Pinot Noir and it SOLD OUT in less than two weeks. Let that be a lesson to you. One taste and you would beg for it. As they say in South--"Tastes so good, makes you wanna slap yo' momma."
But the bottle pic here may be as close as you will get.

After tasting the Shane current selections we tried a barrel sample of Shane’s Grenache Blanc. And Wooo Weeee, Hot Diggity! All I can say is if you get an email saying this is available for purchase, don’t delay…buy it pronto. I learned my lesson with the Pinot.

We also tasted Kosta Brown Keefer Ranch Vineyard Green Valley RRV 2006 and 2008 Pinot and several barrel samples of Kosta Browne from various vineyards. It was a great privilege to taste all of them.

"Are you serious?"
Shane Finely (above) reacting with despair when asked if he would like to use @SonomaWilliam Valet Parking services at his next event. (um, little inside-outside joke there)

So, here's the deal-- get yourself on the Shane list here and if you ever get the opportunity to visit in person. GO! Shane is one of the most fun and hilarious winemakers you will ever meet. Plus he is well versed in obscure movie and music references as pertain to wine, so bring your 'A' game, or “NO Pinot for YOU!”

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