Saturday, April 22, 2023

15 Years of Come for the Wine!

Fifteen years ago I began writing this blog with my first post titled In Real Life.

I started Come for the Wine to record and share my adventures in and around Sonoma. I would never have believed that this humble blog could led me to so many amazing opportunities. From press trips around the world to elegant wine dinners and guided tastings, to podcast host! Most importantly my blog led to making contact with industry leaders, wine makers, editors and lasting friendships with fellow wine lovers. 

It kinda goes with out saying, but wine people are some of the best people. Curious, engaged, fun, and of course very opinionated. They are also some of the most generous people.

Oh yeah, this blog led to wine samples too! So many wine samples that I had to employ a strict no sample policy unless I requested them. It was just too much.

Additionally this blog led to many speaking gigs and well paying writing opportunities with a variety of publications. Even a fellowship to the 2017 Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood in Napa Valley

Because of this blog I've had the opportunity to travel to wine regions in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Croatia, Croatia (!) Austria, Germany, Sicily, Switzerland, Hungary, British Columbia, Ontario, Montreal, and even Lativa, to the one experimental vineyard that was there at the time. And the many wine regions in the US including Oregon, Washington, California, Virginia, Texas, and New York.

Having a wine blog has been a trip --literally!

Also because of the blog and the inherent networking opportunities it created, I can add Award Winning Podcast host to my credits.

For a while there I thought maybe blogging was dead, but in the last few years it feels like it's more important than ever. 

Cheers to the wine blog and long may it wave!

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