Saturday, May 14, 2022

Podcast Milestone -- 6 Years. 150 + Episodes. 3 Taste Awards!

6 years. 150 + episodes. 3 Taste Awards. And inducted into the Taste Award Hall of Fame. 

Six years ago this month I pitched the idea to Beth that the Wine Road should have a podcast. We started out recording in the warehouse and settled on a schedule of posting a show every other week. Our audience grew and we started recording episodes at Threshold studios with our sound engineer Richard Ross. 

Anyone who has a podcast knows how much work it is to consistently record and post—be it every week, every two weeks or even once a month. 

Most podcasts run out of steam after a few months. It’s easy to start a podcast it’s hard to keep it going. I’m proud to say we’re going strong and heading into our 7th year. 

Thanks to Beth Costa for believing in my crazy ideas, to Richard for making us sound so good and to our amazing sponsor Ron Rubin Winery for their generous support. And most of all cheers all our listeners! 

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