Friday, February 18, 2022

Sauvignon Blanc: Varietal of the Month


Widely planted and universally loved, Sauvignon Blanc is well known for it’s spiky, lively acidity. Flavors range from lean, green and grassy to creamy with notes of passion fruit and fleshy peach depending on climate and how the wine is aged be it in stainless steel or oak.  Zesty, zippy and zingy –Sauvignon Blanc has swing and bounce with aromas run the gamut from citrusy to herbaceous. When it comes to food pairing—Sauvignon Blanc is the ultimate flex, versatile and accommodating to a vast array of foods from oysters on the half shell to cheese and charcuterie, and even tomato based dishes. 

Here are capsule reviews of Sauvignon Blanc’s you may find along the Wine Road. 

Dutton Estate Kylie’s Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc, RRV

The Dutton Estate Kylie’s Cuvée has an unmistakable Sauvignon Blanc nose; a spicy coquet of scents composed of bright green and tropical notes including honeysuckle, spring grass, pineapple and lychee. Aged in stainless steel and a barrel mix of new and neutral French oak, the combination yields brisk acidity yet soft body and mouthfeel with notes of lemon curd, creamy peach, lychee, and grapefruit. The long lingering finish buzzes with gooseberry and ripe apricot. Pair with Panzenella (the Italian bread and tomato salad) and a spur of the moment picnic in a meadow.
ABV 13.9%

Ehret 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, Knights Valley

Clean and precise the Ehret Sauvignon Blanc hits all the right notes with a bold surge of lemon zest and candied ginger on the nose and a pleasant through line of fresh cut grass. The initial flavors of pear, melon, guava and fleshy white peach, give way to full round flavors of lemon curd with a spike of grapefruit. The spicy acidity builds to a crescendo followed by a long juicy finish with a touch of creamy passion fruit and squeeze of lime. It’s a wonderful example of how Sauvignon Blanc can be both expressive and exhilarating.
ABV 14.5%

G & C Lurton 2019 L’Orange Wine Sauvignon Blanc

A horse of a different color here, the G & C Lurton L’Orange glows amber in the glass and offers a delicious twist on traditional Sauvignon Blanc. Made in an “orange wine style” the juice is kept on the skins for two months to achieve the distinct color and deep flavors. Rich and complex it amps up the aromatics and delivers an exciting range of flavors including orange marmalade, apricot, tomato leaf, and thyme. Great body and long finish with notes of jalapeño, ginger and green apple. Delicious chilled, but allow it to warm a bit in the glass and notice how the flavors deepen.
$ Sold Out
AVB 14.5% or 13.3?

J. Rickards Winery 2019 Sauvignon Blanc, Croft Vineyard, Alexander Valley

Bright and fresh the J. Rickards Sauvignon Blanc zips across the palate in a zesty burst of citrus, melon, white peach, pineapple and juicy nectarine. On the nose you’ll find pleasant notes of grapefruit, jasmine, and a touch of chalk. Crisp acidity and spiky tannins usher in a juicy long finish full of fleshy peach, pear and kiwi. Pair with goat cheese and rosemary crostini. 
ABV 14.2%

Selby 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, RRV 

The Selby Sauvignon Blanc is fermented in stainless steel with a touch of Semillon that adds richness to the body. On the nose it’s a spring frolic of sweet carnation, and fresh grass, ginger and apple blossom. On the palate it’s zesty and bright full of lush tropical flavors of guava and passion fruit in parallel with creamy notes of coconut and vanilla, courtesy of the of Semillon. Vibrant and delicious, the refreshing clean finish lingers well into the next sip. Pair with pan fried scallops (and invite me over!) 
ABV 14.0%

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