Monday, June 30, 2014

Ideas, Advice, and Tips for #WBC14


Next week the annual Wine Bloggers Conference arrives in Santa Barbara/Buellton for the 2014 event. It’s expected to be packed, similar to the crush of bloggers that were in Portland in 2012. That’s great, but the night of many wines at WBC12 in Portland was so noisy I could hardly concentrate on any of the wines presented. So I think it might be cool to see tasting isolation booths at the Wine Bloggers Conference-- small, telephone booth size chambers where one can duck in, close the door, and focus on the wine. Heck, it's a sponsorship opportunity! Allan Wright, get on this pronto--you could charge big bucks for branded tasting booths. You can thank me later. 


* Drink, drink, drink and never spit any precious wine out. Spiting is for losers! Amirite? Right.

* Don’t bother drinking water. Wine is wet too, it will keep you hydrated just as well.

* Don’t sleep. Stay up for the entire conference. Go on, you can do it! Just like in your college days.

* Ladies: Wear really high heels, the higher the better. That way you can help aerate the soils at vineyards you visit and give the rest of us the chance to yell “Timber!" when you go crashing to the ground.

* Men: Wear White. White shirts are classy, always in fashion, and never show stains. White pants are great too. If you want to make a lasting impression show up dressed like Mr. Clean for speed tasting. Bonus points for the gold hoop earring.

* Ladies & Men: Wear feather boas at all times to garner respect and awe from fellow bloggers.

See you in Buellton.

* Advice dispensed above is for entertainment purposes only. But I mean it about the isolation booths.

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  1. I so forgot about the photo booth! Oh lawwdy lawdy this will be interesting. But you forgot to mention, never ever ever take any Croatian spirits handed to you by the ladies pictured above. Ever.



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