Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Experiment with Wine and Music

Wine Blogging Wednesday #58

Little late to the proverbial table on this, but figure I'd give it a go anyway.
For my non-wine followers this post is in response to a Wine Blogging Wednesday assignment, or challenge rather, that asks bloggers to respond to various topics or themes regarding wine. This challenge, issued by Kate of Gonzo Gastronomy, asks that bloggers experiment with wine and music. Specifically the task is to taste a wine or two and  notice how or if the different music changes your experience of the wine.

Okay I can do that. Got wine. Got music. Lets give it a go.

I put the ipod on random and opened a bottle of Quivira Grenache Rose 2008 because it seemed like a fun little wine for this assignment. It had a pale pink color that reminded me of the inside of a sea shell and a scent of strawberries and melon and a bit of Gramma's dusting powder.

First up on the ipod was "Baba O'Riely" by the Who which was kind of a nice accompaniment with all that trilling in the beginning  followed by the big chords. The wine drank quite nice to the Who at first. But as the song progressed it got a bit complex for this nice light wine. Epic ballads and light Rose don't seem to be a good pairing. Not a Rose wasteland I guess.

Next on the ipod was Chris Isaak "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing". The steady bass line on this song actually made the wine feel more robust than before. Odd. 

Next up was "White Punks on Dope" by the Tubes. Good Grief! This is not a good pairing for Rose! Perhaps a baby's arm holding an apple and a bottle of Rose, but this music did not enhance the Rose in any way. Well, maybe the acidity did amp up a bit.

"Bella" by Jovonotti. Hey this works. Jovonotti is an Italian pop singer who is huge in Italy and "Bella" is the perfect light bouncy melody for this wine. It actually tastes lighter and more fruity as I listen to the Jovonotti. Interesting.

Second glass. 
Neil Young- "Cinnamon Girl". Well everything goes well with Neil Young. 

King Crimson -"I Talk to the Wind". Jeeze this is too down tempo. One glass away from full on depression. Cue next song.

Ramones- "The KKK Took My Baby Away". Almost hit move to next song, but hung in there with it. Result: this heart wrenching song was too brusque for Rose.

Last song- Paolo Conte, Via Con Me. Another Italian singer in the mix, and no surprise goes well with Rose. This song is jazzy and up tempo and makes the wine taste light and bouncy too. Perfecto!

Results and impressions- Italian pop and Rose are a good match and made the wine taste lighter and sweeter. Heavy Rock ballads, not so much.

Well that was certainly fun. I recommend you try this experiment yourself and see if you don't find that every song is perfect by the end of the bottle.


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  1. You are the second blogger I've seen go to "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing" for WBW! I think you were right on the money with Baba O'Reilly! What a great song...



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