Thursday, October 5, 2023

Wine Road Podcast: Dr. Henry Barham from Vinotastr

Episode 185 | Dr. Henry Barham from Vinotastr

Have you ever been stumped as to what kind of wine you should try? Or maybe you’re not sure of what kind of wine you might even *like*? Dr. Henry Barham and his team have developed a science based system of test strips that help you figure out what you’re most likely to enjoy when it comes to wine! Beth is our on-air tester and we get to see how it goes for her! 

Monday, September 25, 2023

Varietal of the Month: Syrah


Syrah, a Rhône varietal, is a full-bodied dry red wine with supple tannins and savory flavor. It’s juicy and spice-driven with dark black fruits and a telltale note of black olive. If you wrote a dating profile for Syrah it might read: “Dark, rich and elegant with great character. I’m smooth and seductive and have a thing for the spicy side of life with a penchant for black olives. Call me! Or better yet, drink me!!” Yes, Syrah has all the markers for a great date, but an even better as a date wine.


Here are capsule reviews of Syrah you may find along the Wine Road.


NOTE: The wines below were tasted and evaluated 100% by a human being. No AI was harmed or used in the writing of these notes.



Acorn Axiom Syrah 2019, Alegría Vineyards, Russian River Valley

The ACORN 2019 Axiom Syrah is a field blend of Syrah inter-planted with Viognier. Before tasting, pause and raise a glass to the ACORN field-blend champions, for this 21st vintage from the vineyard is also the last. Enjoy it while you can. In the glass it’s deep garnet in color with a sage and blackberry nose and secondary notes of vanilla and cedar. On the palate a plush mouth feel, rich black fruits such as blueberry and plum predominate with a warm mid-palate note of nutmeg and dark chocolate. The long finish is juicy and lush with smooth spicy tannins. Pair with sausage pizza with arugula.


ABV 14.6%



Alexander ValleyVineyards 2019 Syrah, Alexander Valley

The Alexander Valley Vineyards 2019 Syrah is a dark purple color in the glass with a deep fragrant nose of violets, cocoa, smoky sage, mint and black pepper. On the palate it’s full flavored and earthy—mocha, leather, fig cassis, and blueberry with a wonderful spicy cured meat note. It has a sunny acidity that warmly transits across the palate. The long plush finish has soft integrated tannins. Pair with herb dusted goat cheese and prosciutto wrapped figs.

ABV 14.0%

Amista 2018 Syrah,Morningstar Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley

The Amista 2018 Syrah from Morningstar Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley Garnet is a deep ruby color. There’s a spot on the trail I frequent where on a warm summer day the scent of ripe juicy blackberries mingles with tufts of minty pennyroyal and the crushed gravel dust kicked up from my hiking boots—and that mixture of blackberry, mint and dusty gravel smells just like this Syrah. The palate has a plush mouth feel with juicy black fruits, black olive, black cherry and raspberry on the long spicy finish. Pair with Pork tenderloin with herbs de Provence.


ABV 14.7%



Baldassari 2020 SyrahNolan Vineyard, Bennett Valley

The Baldassari 2020 Syrah from Nolan Vineyard in Bennett Valley has a deep earthy nose with scents of black fruits, chocolate, clove, and crushed violets. On the palate it has a soft sensuous charm with a plush mouth feel and smooth knitted tannins. Savory and flavorful with notes of pink peppercorn, pomegranate, blueberry and secondary notes of cassis and smoky vanilla. The spicy peppery finish is long and layered with a touch of black olive. Very delicious! Pair with spice rubbed pork chops with mango chutney.


ABV 14.2%

$ 43


Balletto 2018 Syrah,BCD Vineyard Russian River Valley

The Balletto 2018 Syrah from the BCD Vineyard in Russian River Valley is dark garnet in color with scents of sweet violet, black cherry, blueberry, licorice and chocolate mint. As it opens a savory note of bacon fat emerges that is simply divine. On the palate it’s earthy and plush with flavors of graphite, plum sauce, and cardamom. The finish is a compelling vibe of warm spicy chocolate and black olive that builds and deepens with each sip. Pair with spicy lamb kabobs and fresh mint.


ABV 13.8%



Cāpo Creek 2018Syrah, Fountain Grove District, Sonoma County

The Cāpo Creek 2018 Syrah from Fountain Grove District has a deep

burgundy color in the glass. On the nose, scents of violet, crushed gravel, blueberry, plum, sweet tobacco, and milk chocolate. On the palate notes of sweet briar, fig and vanilla, which builds to a minty crescendo with smooth integrated tannins. It’s like an adult version of a Peppermint Patty! Smooth and satisfying with a spicy finish that is both fresh and savory. It’s great to sip on its own or pair simply with charcuterie board and rosemary flat bread.


ABV 14.9%


Longboard Vineyards2019 Savage Côast Syrah, Russian River Valley

The 2019 Longboard Savage Côast Syrah from Russian River Valley is dark magenta in the glass. On the nose a characteristic rotundone note—the aromatic peppery quality of peppercorns, marjoram and oregano found in Rhône grown Syrah. Additional scents of blueberry, cassis, violet, black cherry, leather and gravel give it a grounded earthy heft. On the palate a soft mouthful with sassafras (aka root beer) black olive, cranberry, sweet tobacco, clove, espresso and a cured meat note. The spicy finish is long and taut with balanced supportive tannins. Pair with Grilled Sausages and Peppers.


ABV 14.5%



J. Rickards Winery2019 Syrah, Furlong Vineyard, Alexander Valley

The J. Rickards Winery 2019 Syrah from Furlong Vineyard in Alexander Valley is dark garnet in the glass. On the nose a rush of scents including blueberry, clove fruitcake, sweet cherry, cassis, cocoa, leather and a meaty note like cured sausage.

Fresh and fruity it has great complexity, texture and flavor. On the palate notes of sage, chocolate, herbal cherry and blackberry compote with a zingy hit of black olive. Silky tannins and lush long finish build to an exhilarating finish with juicy blackberry and black cherry notes. Pair with Moroccan Chicken Tagine.


ABV 14.6%


Peterson 2016 Syrah,Gravity Flow Block, Sonoma County

The Peterson 2016 Syrah, Gravity Flow Block has serenity and a tension that makes me think of the moment just before the conductor drops the baton and the music begins. That suspended moment of anticipation is mirrored here in the way the flavors build coalesce into a singular harmony. Medium garnet in color it has a lovely potpourri nose of violet, sage, spicy black carnation, blueberries and plum with a minty-chocolate-anise note. On the palate, a plush mouthfeel with blueberry, sweet tobacco, chocolate mint, leather, graphite and black pepper. The fine tannins carry the complexity of black fruit flavors through to the end with a trace of black olive on the finish. Pair with classical music and Chateaubriand.


ABV 14.7%


Thursday, September 21, 2023

Wine Road Podcast: Dr. Clinton Lee, Wine & Etiquette Master at APWASI


Episode 184 | Dr. Clinton Lee, Wine & Etiquette Master at APWASI 

Join us while we chat with Dr. Lee about how APWASI (Asia Pacific Wine And Spirit Institute) helps the international community learn about wine, food and spirits as well as etiquette skills through their courses to bridge cultural gaps. Cheers!

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Wine Road Podcast: Erik Miller, Owner & Winemaker at Kokomo Winery & Breaking Bread Wines


Episode 183 | Erik Miller, Owner & Winemaker at Kokomo Winery & Breaking Bread Wines

Sponsored by Ron Rubin Winery

Erik brought three (!) bottles of wine to share while we learned about his journey through winemaking from Kokomo Winery to his newest venture Breaking Bread Wines. He wants to share his wonderful natural wines with the world and we’re here for it!

Wine(s) of the day:
2022 Breaking Bread Pet Nat
2022 Breaking Bread Al Dente
2022 Breaking Bread Cabernet Franc

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Wine Road Podcast: Mary Babbitt and Mary Orlin from Sip, Sip, Hooray!


Episode 182 | Mary Babbitt and Mary Orlin from Sip, Sip, Hooray! Podcast 

Sponsored by Ron Rubin Winery

This week we have had the absolute pleasure to host Mary Babbit and Mary Orlin (the Marys!) from Sip, Sip, Hooray Podcast! We learn how their wine journey led them from an Emmy-Award winning TV show "In Wine Country" to their own podcast, Sip, Sip Hooray!

Style of the Month: Orange / Skin Contact

Orange wines aka skin-contact or amber wines are having a moment. An ongoing moment that started 8,000 years ago. Simply put, orange wines are white grape varieties made in the manner of red wines with extended contact on the skins, resulting in wines full of texture that are both elegant and complex as well as bright and quaffable. They range from light and bouncy to deep and savory and pair exceptionally well with food.


Here are capsule reviews of Orange style wines you may find along the Wine Road.


Anthesis Wines AllaVecia 2016 Falanghina Alder Springs Vineyard Mendocino County


You don’t come across too much Falanghina locally, but its’ thrill when you do. Falanghina lends itself well to orange style winemaking and this example showcases the complexity of flavors. Deep dark amber in the glass, the Anthesis Alla Vecia 2016 Falanghina is a delight with aromas of honey, mango, dried pineapple and a touch of tomato leaf. On the palate, it’s lyrical and layered with notes of citrus peel, and nutmeat, like almond. It has a long lingering spicy clove finish. Pair with ceviche or garlic prawns.


ABV 12.5%



Breaking BreadMarmalade 2022 Skin Contact Wine


The Breaking Bread Marmalade 2022 Skin Contact Wine is a many splendored thing composed of 70% Muscat Blanc, 15% Chardonnay and 15% Sauvignon Blanc. In the glass the color is a soft butter yellow, like diffused sunlight. It’s super bright and vibrant with a beguiling scent of orange blossoms, grapefruit and honeysuckle. It smells so good you may be tempted to dab a bit at your pulse points in lieu of fragrance – but resist the urge and pour a glass instead. On the palate waves of savory flavor come though with mandarin and butterscotch, ripe peach, and a sunny hit of gooseberry and grapefruit. It has a magical quality and vitality that shimmers to a satisfying finish. Simply delicious! Pair with California sushi rolls.


ABV 12.9%



CAST 2021 GrenacheBlanc Front Porch Farm Russian River Valley


The CAST 2021 Grenache Blanc, Front Porch Farm from Russian River Valley is a light caramel color in the glass. On the nose, bright lemon zest with peach preserves and honeysuckle. On the palate it’s juicy with subtle notes of juniper and clove. As it opens and warms notes of jasmine tea, lemon peel, eucalyptus and a captivating spicy linalool note as well. It’s ever evolving in the glass. On the finish, notes of apple, grapefruit peel and toasty almond. In short it’s an exciting kaleidoscope of flavors with great vitality and harmony. Eminently pair-able, enjoy with Pad Thai.


ABV 13.3%



DeLoach Vineyards 2021 Ribolla Gialla Russian River Valley SonomaCounty


The DeLoach Vineyards 2021 Ribolla Gialla from Russian River Valley is light amber in color. On the nose, lemon and thyme with a touch of brioche and honey. On the palate, great body and texture with a cascade of flavor from orange marmalade, and marjoram, to notes of butterscotch. The long finish is zesty with crisp apple and herbal tea and a pleasing note of thyme. Enjoy now but with some age the flavors will develop and deepen. Pair with chicken piccata with extra lemon and capers.


ABV 14.5%


Thursday, August 10, 2023

Wine Road Podcast: Keith Hammond - Winemaker at Emeritus Vineyards

Episode 181 | Keith Hammond - Winemaker at Emeritus Vineyards

Today we had Keith from Emeritus Vineyards tell us all about his introduction into the world of wine and how he came to be the Winemaker there. We also learn of Marcy’s love of their property, it’s her secret sanctuary! 


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